Ever since I was a child, I was passionate about drawing and painting. My wish was to pursue a career in arts, but  when the time has come, I made a turn to study finances, a decision that lead me to complete an over 15 years of working  in banking industry. But it seems that when we hit maturity, the luckiest of us tend to restart valuing the  passions we once had, and this is exactly why I felt the need to go back and repaint my destiny, in the same way I was thinking of it in my childhood. Except for the studies. Cause when it comes to this part, it is all me now. Me, and a lot of practice. Maybe I was born with some talent, but just the hard work got me to this point. It took a while until I discovered my style, it was plenty of inside research, but for now, I could say this is it. For now…
I invite you to discover my art, and if you like  it, don’t be a stranger.